Will Slotnick

Will Slotnick

Will Slotnick

Will Slotnick is the founder & director of Wellness Collaborative, an organization dedicated to promoting health and preventing addiction in private and public school communities.

Will has worked as a substance abuse prevention and wellness specialist for over 25 years, providing drug education, stress management and mindfulness training to students, parents, faculty and administrators at hundreds of schools across the United States.

Will lives in Brookline, Massachusetts with his wife and daughter, and has served on numerous school and town boards and committees.

Will Slotnick working with middle students

School Articles about Will and Wellness Collaborative:

Parent workshop


“I thought the program was great. It was a good way of learning about drugs and their harm. It was also a great way to learn about stress relief. Very helpful. Will Slotnick was excellent. Very educated on the topic, and very funny.”
— 9th Grade Student