I wanted to let you know Mr. Slotnick has made a tremendous impression on [my daughter]. She has had very meaningful conversations with me about drug and alcohol use. She has downloaded the app for helping relax and sleep. In her show this weekend she was very nervous and she told me she used the strategy he taught them about listening to your self breathe and count “one two, one two.” She said she started counting “one two, one two” and got her breathing in tune with the horses steps and she felt more confident. Thank you for bringing such and positive person into [my daughter’s] life!
— Middle School Parent
Will, thanks SO much for what you do. I don’t think I ever knew/appreciated what you have gone through, and so awesome of you to use your experience to influence the lives of so many kids. You have had a very huge effect on [my son]. He has told us several times over the past few years how incredibly awesome and brilliant you are. Only “problem” is that he listened very closely to you re going to sleep/waking up — so now I wake every morning to hear very annoying bird and water sounds coming from my son’s bedroom! However, think I may also try some of those nice relaxing night time sounds!
— High School Parent
I thought that the senior year Mr. Slotnick meetings were probably the most helpful and relevant ones we have had. He obviously tells informative stories and gives interesting data in all of his talks, but the senior year discussions about drinking and freedom told me a lot of stuff that I did not know about college social life next year.
— High School Senior
Thank you so much for your great and important work with the boys. I have spoken to many of them and they are all raving about you and your program. They find your suggestions on sleep, nutrition, stress management so practical and helpful. They call you “so real.” I will be sure to reach out this spring to set up time for next year.
— Middle School Head